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Crypto Agent Bot!!!

Forget what you know about crypto signals and trading bots!! This right here is all you need!!

What is Crypto Agent Bot?

Crypto Agent Bot is a brand new way of trading the cryptocurrency market and getting quality buy and sell signals.

Using the bitpolybot api system trading has never been so easy. Set yourself up and start receiving signals!  You can easily set your buys and sells right from the bot in just a few simple clicks without needing to log into your bittrex or poloniex accounts to do it!

September 2017 alone made customers a huge 76% gain by using the signals provided by Crypto Agent Bot !!!

As an online marketer, Crypto Agent Bot reward team builders with a massive 25% first level commissions and a 10 level deep commission structure for referring your network!!

Crypto Agent Bot is the next generation of earning passive income.

Want to know more? Check out our presentation where we give you all the details and what you need to know to get started..


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What you will need to do:

Step 1.  First Download the Telegram App:

Step 2. Register Here (Open Link on Telegram App):

Step 3. STEP BY STEP Getting Started Videos: On our Home Page under Resources or


Send an Auto Message to Crypto Agent, He will guide you through the set up process..

Press START and follow the prompts

Your Referral number will be 450748290


1) Yield stable financial profit at the cryptocurrency market

2) Get the newest information about the cryptocurrency market

3) Increase your capital funds in deeds, not words

4) Just follow our recommendations on signals and in- and out points (buy / sell and take profit)

5) Trade on two greatest world exchanges (Bittrex, Poloniex)

6) Help you take your 1BTC through a 2-3% daily profit – over 365 days to Over 1000 BTC!

7) We will teach you how to master the cryptocurrency market, and you will not need to worry that you are not experienced in this business

8) We will take care of all technical and analytical moments, we work in professional and result-oriented manner, which you will see in your growing account

9) We will offer Daily Signals (Short-, Mid- and Long-term)

10) We will assist you in creating your investment portfolio.

To benefit from our unique service you need to choose one of the following Packages:

New monthly fee is approx  $250$ (paid in BTC direct to the platform)
We see ourselves as pioneers in the Crypto-Market, so we would like to see more people joining Bitcoin, Altcoins & Blockchain technology.

Therefore, we have considered a possibility to reward the members for further recommendations, in addition to our Trading & Analytical Service (which already provides great results).

For this, we have set up a very attractive Compensation Plan and Career Bonus:




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